AMAZING! Top 3 Bright Ideas and DIY!

AMAZING! Top 3 Bright Ideas and DIY!
Drill Chuck Idea
Old Axe Restore
Drill Ideas
Angle Grinder Idea

Creative ideas

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– Idea angle grinder
– Drill idea
– How to make
– Cordless drill ideas
– Grinder ideas
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  1. Me gusta mucho el soporte para el pulidor que le convierte en una tronzadora de metal.
    Excelente video amigo, tendré que copiarlo, jajaja. Saludos cordiales y abrazo grande desde Reynosa México!!!

  2. Some ideas are useful…then there are all these 😕. Not sure why someone would worry about a miter table for steel, when your welds look like goose shit…

  3. Not a petrol saw so you can't use it in the woods. If you've got mains electricity use a proper circular saw/ bench saw. This things horribly under powered, wrong gearing and fucking slow. It gets slung away, last shot. Good riddance

  4. It's pretty easy to watch, when I make the same thing, I've got lots a sweats! ♥♥♥ By the way, could please make the welding process a little bit darker. 10Q!

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