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I guess every good metal fabrication shop needs a metal roller of some description. I have been getting by using blocks of wood for a while and though it was long over due that I made a usable metal roller. This project had a lot of Lathe work and I have to say that I need to better prepare my lathe cutting tools for the job. I watched this video from Mrpete222 and I had much better success after.

The Metal Roller uses Plain Bearings, not Roller Bearings. My Bearing shop wanted $80 each bearing so the cost would have been $480 plus tax for the 6 bearings. I wasn’t going to do that so I made my own. Whilst the Roller works well for what I need with Plain Bearings, Roller Bearings would reduce friction and provide easier rolling. All good.

Looks a little Steam Punkish!

I’d like to Thank my friends Joel and Aden over at Studio Dubbeld for playing a few parts in this short movie. Those guys are a fountain of knowledge and are so helpful for all things wood work. Check out their You Tube Channel, particularly their How To videos. Thanks guys!

Studio Dubbeld –
You Tube –

All the Steel used in this video was from Townsville Steel and Wire – Thank you Greg and Nicole!

Last but not least – Thank you to my Patreon Supporters for helping me and believing what I do is worthwhile. Cheers!!

Welder – WIA Weldmatic 200i Great little machine – Get one!
CNC – 3DTEK.XYZ Heavy Mill Great little machine – Get one!
CNC Controller – The all reliable MASSO – Get one!
Lathe -Sieg C6
Gloves Worn out – need some

Thank you for Watching! See you Next time

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  1. I’ve seen a few of your vids (they are great)
    Just a tip if you want to try this….when using large hole saws, if you scribe out the circle and the drill some 1/4” holes around the inside of the scribe line it will make your cutting go faster and also make your saws last longer. It just helps to clear the chips out and because it’s a intermittent cut you don’t have to slow down the saw as much as the hole saws get bigger and bigger. It’s something that’s worked for me over the years very well. Great job on all your projects!!

  2. Hey, Scott if you ever go down this road again and want roller bearings. Search for 1988-1999 Chevrolet K1500 Axle Shaft Bearing. I have used them for tools like this and they hold up rather well and are pretty cheap.

  3. awesome bit of kit that!
    for slow moving high load applications solid bearings will always be better, should check out clicksprings channel for some A1 tips on case hardening for the rollers

  4. Great use of materials and machinery to create and put the parts together, love the aesthetic. I've heard if you fill hollow section with sand it can make it bend more cleanly.

  5. First I have to say kudos on another fantastic project video…, Nice machining, nice design, nice craftsmanship, and I especially love the way you constructed the wheel. I don't know if you'll remember but a few months ago I made the comment that you have inspired me to get back in my shop and straighten it up and re-furb my machines and start making stuff again after many years of not touching anything. Well I'm not making stuff yet but I am working on getting the shop straightened out and cleaning up my machines for use again and I have even gone out and bought a cheap welder but haven't fired it up yet. Things take a little more time when you're up in your 70’s.

    Thank you for being so inspirational and keep these outstanding videos coming as often as you have time for.

    Bye for now, Norm, (aka, cigarmanns2 on instagram)

  6. You're a genius Scott, coming up with that idea, then fabricating it entirely from scratch like that…love watching you work and making all the things you do.

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