Worlds Best Creative Road Safety TV Ads Commercials

World’s Most creative Careless driving TV Ads commercials

The best road safety commercials must watch for everyone..
Texting has become a social norm since the early 2000s because of the popularity of smartphones.[3] There have been many studies that have linked texting while driving to be the cause of life-threatening accidents due to driver distraction. The International Telecommunication Union states that “texting, making calls, and other interaction with in-vehicle information and communication systems while driving is a serious source of driver distraction and increases the risk of traffic accidents”. There are about 1.6 million crashes in the US every year involving cell phone use, of which 500,000 cause injuries and 6,000 cause fatalities. Texting while driving is now the top cause of death among teenagers—texting and driving accounts for 11 teen deaths every day in the US. Overall, texting is involved in about 25% of all car accidents in the US.

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  1. Na na na, the pedestrians that walk into the middle of the road at night wearing complete black clothing and get hit are the ones in the bad. I've hit several this way, and I don't think they deserved it, but they learned from it.

  2. Pedestrians, open your eyes! Take care of your own safety… Parents, teach your children to cross the streets as early as possible in their life, this way you are practically saving it.
    Drivers, no matter how much in a hurry you are, speed won't get you there too much faster. Maybe you gain 1 or 2 minutes on a straight road, just to loose them back on a blocked road or traffic lights. So SLOW DOWN and keep the speed on a level where you can react in every situation… Animals don't know traffic rules and kids might get distracted… Adults can fall into distraction too… You too…
    Life has always the right of way, protect yourselves, protect the others, PROTECT LIFE!
    Safe roads to everyone <3

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