The Avett Brothers – High Steppin'

High Steppin’ (Official Video)

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Video Director: Crackerfarm
Video Producer: Adam Rothlein
for Ghost Atomic Pictures

Music video by The Avett Brothers performing High Steppin’. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (American Recordings)

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I love this song. But…I don’t like Seth’s spoken part in the middle. Aahhhggghhh! I think it kills the whole groove of the song. Oh well. Just my two cents. Still love the song.

  2. I work a 5am freight shift… it sucks. But I'm allowed to listen to music so it's all good.
    This song came on and I had to put down my box of tractor parts just to see who was singing…then I had to start it over to catch the lyrics.
    Then i came back hours later when i was finally home so i could see the video…..which was interrupted by someone telling me my two horses had escaped.

    I gotta say it was not the worst day I've had but it was pretty shitty…. however the positive vibes were more helpful than i expected… as i was wading through shoulder deep weeds trying to catch two wild ponies the chorus was going on a loop in my head….. high stepping indeed.

    So after all that, i FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE REST OF THE VIDEO.

  3. Been a fan for a long time. But for me the song was okay, then the speech in the middle ruined it. Reminded me of the time I was having sex with this girl and she stopped in the middle to tell me about her yeast infection.

  4. This song confuses me. Have enjoyed a lot of their music, and it never sounded "Country". My local "alternative" radio is playing this song and I turn it off every time. Not because I despise country music, this song just hits the ear wrong when you are used to NIN, 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.

  5. Not loving the talking is almost one minute long…. just too much of a lull.. but I almost never do on any song by anyone….. but it is just one song…. and I love the rest of the song… would love an edited version or remixed version without that part and some extended choruses to go along with it.

  6. Scott and Seth this is a great song. I hope yall can do John Hancock's last show. From a guy out south of Rock Hill in the sticks of Chester County, it has been a blast following yall's ride… Good shit done sincerly.

    BTW nice duality.

  7. The Avetts have stated multiple times that yes Rick Rubin is their producer but they don't release any music or style of song that they don't personally want to release themselves. It isn't that Rubin is controlling their music or making their sound his own. I guess it's just easier for some people to believe that Rick is "ruining" their music than it is to just accept that the Avetts are growing and changing and want to sound different. I love their old style as much as the next fan, but we really gotta let it go. I'm sure they will have those old sounding songs here and there but songs like this are the core of their future, and I say that is good because it's what they want.

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