Dollar Tree DIY Fall Decor 🍁

DIY fall decor from Dollar Tree 2019! DIY Neutral farmhouse DIY fall decor from Dollar Tree. DIY fall indoor decor and DIY fall outdoor decor. 8 Fall DIYs using Dollar Tree supplies that are farmhouse styled but can be used in any home decor style or customized to your own style.

Jeri-Ann Henson’s Dollar Tree video

Jeri-Ann Henson YouTube Channel


Michaels Assorted Wood Beads

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I have perfect results when attaching paper to anything, using rubber cement, the trick is to lightly coat the paper and the item you are attaching the paper too, with a light coat of rubber cement, allow both sides to dry thoroughly, bend the top piece back so that dry corners meet. align one corner at a time perfectly, using a bone folder or the rounded edge of wooden ruler, smooth the paper to your canvas. You can also do the same trick with ribbon, flower petals for a 3 d look. or real fall leaves. I gather them at their brightest. use Vasaling intensive care hand lotion and coat each leaf generously, allow to dry. then coat lightly with with a matt or shiny clear varnish. Or you can dip them in hot wax. put on a wreath or can iron between waxed paper to make window arrangements.

  2. Love the pumpkin wreath and the beaded garland w leaf. U are the nonchalant crafter. Its seasonal, i like it, so there. Funny n cute. For your wreath i think it would look great with some grape leaf stems here and there. It would look like the vines the pumpkin. U could buy a natural small grapevine wreath and pull it apart and then cut in pieces or just weave it in or pieces in. i think ur pumkin topiarys are cute too. Im gonna do a few for my desk.

  3. Megan I loved them all! I think I have like everything you used in most of the projects, except the beads and I LOVE those! Where do you pick the beads up at the store? I can never seem to find them. 👀Maybe, I'm looking too hard! Haha! Love watching your channel. You always make me laugh! Do you know what I'm saying?!?! I catch myself saying that often now. Bless…

  4. think scrapbooking when needing adhesives besides mod podge. you can get the double sided tape that is for scrap booking (much stronger than what you get in the stationary department). or you can use a glue called Art Glitter Designer Adhesive. it dries absolutely clear without bubbles or wrinkles and is STRONG! watch some scrap booking channels to get more ideas on how to diy some of your projects. just a suggestion.

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