Art and Craft Ideas With Ice Sticks | Useful Life Hack

#art #creative #bois #craft #ideas In this Video Tutorial teaches you How to make a beautiful “recycled pop sticks 3d pen holder “. This model is really useful and salable .
You can use this Pen/Pencil Holder as your Desk Organizer. You can put anything in this Pen Stand like, Pen, Pencil, Scissors etc.
Also you can use this on dinning table to keep spoons. If you want to give something Handmade on your friends Birthday,
this could be a great Idea to give a ice cream spoon holder Origami Pen/Pencil Holder.I am sure he/she will get surprised to see your creativity. ___________________________________
follow me here :
——) DIY Craft – How to make a mobile stand by using ice cream sticks .
——)Art and Craft Ideas With Ice Sticks . ****************************** *** Again Thnx ***
*** Note : Don’t try to copy this video for upload u’r Channel .

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