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In episode 11, we make huge progress…..some is because we are simply getting a lot done, and other aspects are just grueling…so it’s nice to have it out of the way. I start the electric, finish the ducting, do a spot of framing and complete the wiring of the “NEW” bedroom and bathroom. While filming videos slows things down, I enjoy the process from start to finish and am pleased with the renovation so far. My wish is that these videos find the right people and help show them that they too can take on projects like this, even if they don’t know exactly how to do the work. I started out having never done any of it myself and learn as I go. Don’t let what you don’t know or think hold you back. Go blank and just do the work. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m glad to help if I can.

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  1. Who needs a pocket knife? Introducing the last multi tool youll ever need, its a box cutter, wire stripper, table saw, planer, foot stool, calculator, has multi micro usb ports, makes a damn good martini and if you order now we will double your order for the same price. ( just pay extra shipping and handling.) Present recipt of this product and receive a 25$ credit toward our new hemroid scissors, they cauterize as they cut ( not responsible for burns).

  2. In the bedroom double gang box, install 2 double switches, like these:
    Also, install a light can in the dead center of the ceiling, in case the tenant wishes to install a fan. Call it the Fan Can.
    Connect the top left switch to the 2 lights on the sloped ceiling, the top right to the 2 lights on the flat ceiling, the lower left to the lamp receptacle, and the lower right switch to the Fan Can.
    26:04 That music sounds like a Star Wars soundtrack.

  3. Have you ever thought of getting a small rolling scaffold so you dont have to go up and down on the ladder all day long? Love the video's…keep them coming!

  4. I just stumbled upon these videos and have been marathoning them because I find house renovating so fascinating and I’m continuously blown away at how smart and talented he is it’s incredible

  5. I can’t believe I made it to the last video to be continued! I went back to your channel page searching for video #12! Then, I looked at the upload date… I spent the whole day watching this reno. Well, I guess I’m hooked! I clicked “Subscribe” & Notifications!
    The reason I like your channel is because you reno houses that are “real” renovations that “normal” people do. Not, million dollar homes that none of us could afford. And, don’t show much anyways. You give details, we see exactly what you’re doing and you talk about your work.
    I hope YouTube and sponsors make it worth your while because I know it takes hard work to produce and edit this stuff too! I want to say thanks to you and your family and your wife! I appreciate your videos!

  6. I’ve watched the whole series, and I have enjoyed watching you deal with the particular challenges of this house.
    The new style of video is great! The music included is somewhat unfitting at times, but kind of part of the honesty of the production I suppose.
    My husband and I are wondering if you could install the stove at a 45 degree angle in the corner of the kitchen, eliminating the expensive corner cabinets. We would like to see how one would go about installing that, what the particular challenges are versus regular installation.

  7. Do not put a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

    With a ceiling fan on, even if it were 95° in there, I would be sick as a dog the next morning. Any draft whether it is warm or cold in there and I am Three Steps from dead. A fan in the Next Room is enough for me.

    Had a ceiling fan in my winter house in Vegas and I had it taken out. Because I would fall asleep while reading with the ceiling fan on and wake up a few hours later sick as could be. Every time!

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