30 Of The Funniest And Strangest Ads Ever Seen On Craigslist

Rumors abound that you can buy absolutely anything that your mind can think of on Craigslist. Anything. Well, plenty of us have officially admitted that our imaginations need some fine-tuning and updating, after taking a closer look at the bizarre and hilarious advertisements you can find while scrolling through the site.

Bored Panda brings you this list of the funniest, weirdest and craziest Craigslist ads that you’ve ever seen. From a guy’s ad about him giving away his girlfriend to a purse-snatcher’s dating ad, these will give you a hearty chuckle and will make you reevaluate your life when you realize some of these aren’t jokes at all. So put on your giggling goggles, buckle in and start scrolling. Upvote your faves, drop us a comment about which ads you liked and why, and share with your friends. And in case you need some more awesome viewing material, take a look at our other posts about a guy’s hilarious attempts to sell off his 1999 Corolla on Craigslist, as well as a compilation of the most delusional and funny people to be found on various internet marketplaces. They’re fun, so check them out after you’re finished with this list.

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