Fashion Fantasy – Teenage Dream

[New Video] Teenage Dream
Hi Fashionistas,

FF College bells get ready to ring! Are U ready?
👉Click the LINK to check our new spoiler video!
💎And please share your feeling about the new outfits below the video on YouTube! Rosie will choose 10 players to give each of you 20 gems as the reward for your comments below the video on YouTube!
🤓And don’t forget to leave your ID and NAME in-game below the video!
This new event will be released at 8.28 11:00 pm(UTC).
Love you,
#FashionFantasy #TeenageDream

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I like the withered rose, just ballet and born for party the most! Just kidding, I love all of themmmmmmm. I am torn already. 😍

    Username: xxxMOONxxx
    ID: 787748

  2. Hello fellow FF players and creatives!
    Here is my review for the latest outfits! 😎

    Genius Club – The coat is too long but can be manageable if it completely hugs the body. The skirt on the other hand is too short.
    Withered Rose – Loving the metallic lazy loose red jacket! 😍
    Hacker Club – It has super mismatched flops. It is a must buy!
    Extreme Play – Gorgeous flowing fair!
    Just Ballet – Fresh pointy feet!
    Born to Dance – Cute homage to Minnie Mouse. Loving the headpiece – heels combo.

    Overall, I am loving the casual looks for college/senior high students. 😊👍😁💕💕

    Havana Leigh

  3. Beautiful clothes , this video show all in one , The geek 🤓 of the class , the musician 👩‍🎤 of the class , the queen 👑 of the school and the fancy of the class ,the sport 🥎 of the class and the regular student 👩‍🎓 in the class m absolutely beautiful and it seem with these outfit the game got it all in one video way to go
    User name Rose
    ID 581657

  4. Loooovvvvveeeee them especially “Just Ballet”!!! I NEED THAT IN MY WARDROBE BOTH IN-GAME AND IN REAL LIFE 😻😻😻

    User: Reyna
    ID: 390707

  5. Woah !! 😍😍 so amazing !! 😍😍 can't wait for this event !! Its has made with my dreams !! 😍😍💜💜

    Username : Eillie
    ID : 36929
    Love you FF

  6. These outfits are so cute and appealing. These bring back my teenage years. Haha. My favorites are Genius Club and Just Ballet. I am so excited. So happy that this game always surprises me with different outfits.
    Name: Azura
    ID: 2849168

  7. I don't even know which outfit should I buy? 😆💕
    I can really feel various teenage dreams by watching these outfits 🤗.I'm looking forward to this event.
    Username-A Mon

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