What It’s Like To Be A 16-year-old In London Today | i-D

We asked 16 London-based 16-year-olds about growing up, the issues affecting their generation and teen culture – from Fortnite to auntie-ridden Facebook, and everything in between. Life’s great when you’re 16!

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. This video represents an incredibly small percentage of London's youth and as a teenager born and raised in London I feel marginalised. They should have chosen a more varied group to 'represent' 16 year olds living here.

  2. I like this video but half of the things these guys are saying is completely incorrect. And this isn’t coming from a middle aged angry man on the internet, I’m 15 so I can relate to some of the things they talk about. I also don’t think this is the average teen. This is more of the ‘edgy artsy teen’ trend that is kind of cool but it’s definitely not average. Average isn’t going to Morocco and wearing fancy clothes, average is much closer to divorced parents on benefits rather then kid pursuing there dreams with daddy’s money. It’s extremely unrealistic and just goes to show how out of touch some people are with the modern world. Make a video talking about the real struggles of being a teen. The only one I really picked up is that 16 year olds can’t vote. I semi agree with this but it’s not logical. At my age (almost 16) we all have strong opinions and hormones can effect the things we say and do. That’s why many famous people look back on their childhood and are embarrassed due to the opinions they held. I do believe, especially with Brexit, that much of the older generation are voting for and aren’t considering the effects on the younger generations and now that we know more on the entire effect of Brexit and a lot of people have turned 18 since 2016, a second referendum is logical. Going back to my main point, make more realistic videos and cover legitimate problems. Most of this was talking about the freedom of teens today, not the disadvantages.

  3. Hey guys, weird place to reach out to but i thought i'd give it a try. I'm currently writing a response piece to this video for University talking about whether being 17/18 in London is really what it is cracked up to be and am desperate need of some more voices from those in this age bracket living in London! If you or someone you know would be keen to chat with me, please flick me a message on my instagram @stellagoodwin

  4. Like shut up, ID is a fashion magazine, who’ll choose Teens that represent their aesthetic and brand well. Sorry if you wanted lame plebs who aren’t artistic or cool

  5. Got on the train from Cambridgeshire

    Moved down to an East London flat

    Got a moustache and a low cut vest

    Some purple leggings

    And a sailor tat

    Just one gear on my fixie bike

    Got a plus one here for my gig tonight

    I play synth…

    We all play synth

    20-20 vision just a pair of empty frames

    Dressing like a nerd although I never got the grades

    I remember when the kids at school would call me names

    Now were taking over their estates

    Woah ho


    I love my life as a dickhead

    All my friends are dickheads too

    Come with me lets be dickheads

    (Haven't you heard?)

    Being a dickhead's cool

    Being a dickhead's cool

    Being a dickhead's cool

    Being a dickhead's cool cool cooooool

    Polaroid app on my iphone

    Taking pictures on London Fields

    Up on the blog so everyone knows

    Were having new age fun, with a vintage feel

    Coolest kids at a warehouse rave

    Exclusive list look theres my name

    I got in…

    You couldn't get in

    Never bought a pack of fags I only roll my own

    Plugging in my laptop at the Starbucks down the road

    Say I work in media im really on the dole

    I'm the coolest guy you'll ever know

    Woah Ho


    Loafers with no socks

    Electropop meets southern hip hop

    Indeterminate sexual preference

    Something retro on my necklace

  6. The girl who made the comment about being ‘fascinated’ by Drill music should take the underground to Wood Green and experience some Drill culture- we’re open to new learners!

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