What NOT to Wear in Paris 2019 | How To Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Paris & Europe

How to avoid looking like a tourist in Paris? What to wear in Europe? Follow our advice on the things you should not wear in Paris if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb! The Paris dress code is not at all overwhelming, we’re not saying you have to completely embody the Parisian style and dress like a Parisian – there are just a few practical tips to follow.

This video was inspired by Charli’s blog post “How To Dress in Paris to Fit in with the Locals”:

‘Your ticket is booked, your plans made, all that’s left is packing. So what do you wear around Paris if you don’t want to scream “tourist”? Before you start packing, learn the Dos and Don’ts of dressing in Paris for both men and women.

In France, dressing nicely is considered good manners, but not looking like a tourist is also a practical matter in Paris. The more you fit in, the less of a target you’ll be for scammers, pickpockets and people trying to sell you stuff you don’t want. It will also save you being stared at by disapproving locals in restaurants. You will get better service wherever you go if you are dressed according to French custom.’

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I hope you enjoyed these tips on the Paris dress style! Again, this is really around how not to look like a tourist while travelling – it’s not a vein fashionista thing! We just want to make sure you feel comfortable and only stand out to the extent that YOU feel at ease with.

Did we miss anything out according to you? Let us know down below!

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  1. Wow! How interesting…footwear, seriously? I have problems with my feet – they swell up & I need orthotics…not able to find footwear like you’re describing…I’ll be comfortable but may stick out! I will be able to walk without suffering 🙄

  2. Interesting. I think of French people as being more so "free" in their wardrobe expression. Probably mainly because French beaches tend to have quite skimpy bathing suits. So I assume it's an extreme kind of thing. I cover up in the city and go wild at the beach? Also, when I was living there decades ago, French TV offered some pretty risque visuals. Maybe that's why I have always thought that the French are into "exposure". But good point. Thanks!

  3. Wear something in which you can run in when you get robbed. Seriously, it’s Paris. Don’t display anything valuable anywhere in public. In fact, don’t go there at all.

  4. ppl literally dont care. paris is an international city with plenty of tourists from all over the world coming there every day. no one cares or remembers what you look like. like no one. except if you go out with a clown costume or something.

  5. WOW I really don't know where you get your info from. seriously girl. I host French /students. Some of the stuff you say about shoes and hoodies .. makeup and nails…and so forth is total crap.

  6. Ladies unfortunately I must disagree about the running shoes, all my French friends/colleagues wear running shoes to work, schools, bars (age 20-40). Otherwise you are right :). From my point of view French women don't wear a lot of make up, only a bit of eye liner and mascara. Almost never a hair colour. Oh and almost no French woman paints her toenails.

  7. Wear what you want people these rules are made from non french people so they’re not necessarily correct my brother has been living in Paris for the last 3 years and has said that casual is perfectly fine eg tracksuit bottoms and hoodies and that the french don’t care.

  8. As an American, I think you're always going to stick out. But there are things one can do to respect the city/ country/ culture. Keep in mind that I'm middle-aged (though I look younger) and my style goes between classic and bohemian depending on the circumstance so someone with entirely different tastes might think differently.

    1. More than anything you wear, try to speak the language even just a little. They'll automatically know you're not local but almost everyone I encountered treated me better for trying. In some cases, the person ahead or behind me who didn't try got worse service. After hearing me speak, they'd switch to English!

    I found Parisians to be friendly and people would offer me help spontaneously if I looked confused or opened my map. One shopkeeper gave me a souvenir for talking to him about a city he wanted to visit in the US where I had lived and a baker chased me down to street to return my change when I messed up giving her more.

    2. Wear what you wear with pride/ confidence but not arrogance. The city was great for people watching and people wearing the most interesting clothes would walk by with grace. Perhaps a person wearing the same clothes with head down, shoulders slumped, etc. would look awkward but the confidence with which clothes were worn really stood out.

    3. Bring neutral colored clothes in classic cuts. (For examples of classic, look at styles like Audrey Hepburn, Francois Hardy, Grace Kelly, Ralph Lauren, etc.) Neutral= black, white, navy, brown, grey, olive. Stick to 1-2 neutrals and accessorize with a colorful costume jewelry, belts, hats, or — a Euro favorite – scarves. Think about texture and fabric as well: linen for summer, wool for winter, etc. Bringing simple clothes and using accessories also helps cut down on what you need to pack as you can mix and match things easier.

    (Another way to lessen clothes needed: find and use a laundry nearby and/or bring items you can launder by hand easily and dry in your bathroom.)

    4. Bring comfortable shoes. I find if I cannot walk comfortably, I'm going to feel awkward and that doesn't help the way I carry myself. Neutral colored simple, comfortable sneakers like Keds or — for the opposite effect – Converse are fine. Sandals in leather and classic styles – e.g. gladiator – are good.

    Do enjoy yourself and don't let others' impressions affect you too much. If anything, steal the confidence Parisians have about having their own personal style no matter their budget.

  9. I think it is a hugely important recommendation about showing cleavage and avoidance of sports wear. However, many of these tips would not be viewed by the kind of tourists who wander around in paris tshirts or stilettos.

  10. This video is so stupid so boring! It made me feel uncomfortable and made me doubt if I wanna visit it anymore.Wear whatever you like and be yourself!

  11. I'm part French, but never been to France & everything in this video is pretty much how I would live my life. So I guess my French side really comes through. I can't see myself breaking any of these rules, except wearing leggings, but I wouldn't do that traveling anywhere

  12. I'm French, and some of the things that you said were right : like the Disney t-shirt, the beret and the red lipstick together… But some were pretty wrong, like the too tight clothes, sweatpants… A lot of young french people nowadays are very fond of really tight jeans and tights tops and dresses… What you described can work but just for some people… You do you! Wear what you want to, and that's it. And if you want to look like a tourist, then great! People will be nice… And yes, probably some will treat you differently… But it's like that in every country, so… Still a very interesting video tho, I don't hate you, at all!! I just wanted to tell you my opinion…

  13. Is this video made for secret agents? I don’t see what’s the problem in being yourself abroad, unless you could be in danger or not comfortable enough to move around. If you’re not French you’re not French, so what? Be yourself, just be sensible.

  14. Ce que les Parisiens sont formels, voire superficiels, selon ces deux Américaines, sur le paraître ! Quand ils débarquent en masse à Montréal, ils sont les premiers à ne pas tenir compte des standards, us et coutumes de la société québécoise, soit par ignorance ou soit parce qu'ils sont simplement parisiens, avec leur égo démesuré pour certains, toujours en clain à comparer, ou critiquer, avec la formule, ''' chez-nous en France, blablabla…''. Ils ne respectent pas les files d'attente, ne donnent pas de pourboire, traitent les natifs de haut par manque d'humilité, se moquent de leur accent, etc. Apprenez à voyager, Français, soyez modestes, on ne vous appréciera que davantage…

  15. I’ve been to Paris a few times and I’ve seen Parisians wearing heels and workout clothes. What circa are you in? In this current time where we have to be proud and embrace our own identity, setting clothing rules while traveling is a stupid idea. So as long as you don’t break the law and not embarrass your country of origin, you are fine. Let me as you two geniuses, what would you do so you won’t look like tourists when you go to North Korea?

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