Ultimate North American Cars Driving Fails Compilation – 248 [Dash Cam Caught Video]

This dash cam caught video featuring driving fails, instant karma, car crashes and bad drivers USA and Canada. This video will help the viewer to learn safe driving as well as better road safety. Recommended best value dash cam here:

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. “Honey don’t worry about it that ain’t your deal” um…NO. Dash cams save lives. That’s why that dude probably has a dash cam. For situations like that. 🙄

  2. It was the cammers fault he actually drifts over in to the other lane to hit the guy. Its right there on his dash cam. He tried to pit the guy.

  3. What was the point of that cop chase (besides messing up other cars and hurting people), some stupid minor warrant? It's so stupid to put other people's lives and property at risk to get an arrest. Just let the jerk go, he will be caught eventually.

  4. #10, first thing you do with an idiot like that is call 911 and report him as a possibly drunken aggressive driver. Eventually a POS like that is going to kill someone.

  5. If someone described to me the driving habits of G. Reaper then asked me what kind of car I think he drives I'd say "Wow that guy sounds like a douche. Yellow Hummer."

  6. #20 @ 7:42 "Where's he goin'?" Dumb shit he's pulling over to the far right shoulder like you're supposed to do because A) Get out of traffic and harms way B) Move to the shoulder so traffic can resume and not cause a bottleneck which can cause additional accidents. Something your dumbass should have been taught in drivers ED.

  7. Mega Driving School! I watch your compilation videos all the time😊They saved me from getting into an accident today! 😊😊😊They kept me from assuming that car would stop at the stoplight even though it was 3 SECONDS OLD so I just watched him blow the stoplight and move right in front of me, and then pass me, with no incident!!😊😊😊THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!💙💙💙

  8. And the gentlemen in question showed up to court covered in brusies and cuts. 3 broken fingers and a few bitch slaps. No idea how that happened. He tripped is the reason.

  9. 4:02 – Really, camemer? He just tried to side-swipe you and you're antagonizing him again? You're just asking for it. Yes, he's a complete tool – precisely why you shouldn't engage him! Oh, and then you illegally drive in the gore. smh…

  10. #14 5:24
    Inbred Retard: "Nuh uh, you ain't going nowhere, I'm so fucking smart to purposefully cause an accident on camera that I'll use to get an insurance payout".
    I always hope, in situations like this, the cammer is responsible for just a bit more than 50%, because intentionally causing an accident should be punished to some degree.
    Note, I am not defending the asshole that changed lanes with little room to do so, but to intentionally cause an accident is just scummy.

  11. the video at 6:25 the yellow jeep. the cammer should not have turned into the car to cause the accident like they did yes the accident was imminent but a more headon accident was not necessary in that case

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