Men's Back to School Style Essentials [Teen, High School, & College Guys]

You’re headed back to campus and we’ve got some picks to help you look your best this Fall. All of our Men’s Back To School Essentials are stylish, comfortable, and affordable.

Back To School Essentials Picks →

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I just want to know how to style grey jeans. What shirts to have like colours. Even some long Vs t-shirts for grey. I know black and white but what else? Going a lot more stressed up for school because well I am from England.

  2. Y’all evidently live up north. Canvas over leather only because in Miami it’s just unbearable otherwise. Hoodies and jackets in this heat are an absolute no, recommendations for hotter environments pleeeease 😁

  3. What do you think about designer clothes? Can a piece change your overall look and style? For example a Dior B22 sneaker? Is it worth to invest in them? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. The way he says hi in the video intros is awkward. Suggestion: After you introduce yourself, let him say his own name to introduce himself. It’ll sound better.

  5. hey guys. good video. useful tips. just a few things:
    1) black is cool, but we shouldn't wear it too much (as many ppl default towards). let it remain mysterious and be rocked once in a while. other times, differnt outfits can be thought of.
    2) i know the point you are making with a zip-up hoodie. but leaving it unzipped could solve that problem and show what's underneath too. and perhaps a more luxurious fabric/item might fare better (ofc for those who can afford)
    3) good backpacks are great, but students can also look for good duffels/totes to stand out from the crowd
    4) 6:24 – the spelling should be COMPLEMENT (with an E), not compliment. they have different meanings.

  6. I agree with your picks. However, I feel that an essential part of any man's wardrobe is a wristwatch. One cannot rely on their cellphone 100 percent of the time. A wristwatch is stylish (can be), and functional. Plus when these gents graduate from school, wearing a wristwatch to an job interview will show the interviewer that they can manage their time. There have been studies done on this.

  7. Hey Ashley, could you do a video on jewelry? Chains, rings, bracelets, etc. I just bought a gold chain and remembered you addressed it briefly — that you style your men to partially show it. How long should a chain be? What width? Hope to hear your thoughts and love your videos!

  8. About the shots of guys wearing shoes without socks: Most guys who do this end up with really stinky feet and shoes, especially if they are doing a lot of walking to/from/around school.

  9. 1. Get sneakers
    2. Well fitting jeans
    3. Pull Over Hoodies!
    4. Tshirts
    5. Versatile jacket
    6. Casual button down shirt
    7. Crew neck sweatshirt
    8. Backpack
    9. Sunglasses
    10. Second pair of pants ( chinos, joggers)

  10. What do you do when there's a new trend in town but it's not for you. Do you give in and wear it anyway or do you wait for it to pass and look out of step for a while. In particular I'm talking about the oversized trend that seems to be blooming. Been there done that back in the 90's, really like tailored clothes.

  11. Wow, I’m tired of their slander of the zip up hoodie and just consciously baggier fitting clothes in general. It’s a legitimate conscious functional fashion choice. Everything else is fairly on point.

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