GIRLS PROBLEMS WITH LONG NAILS || Relatable facts 5-Minute FUN

Long nails are fancy, but not easy.
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Some problems, clumsy struggles, and embarrassing moments of having long nails:

00:12 Hard to answer a phone call with long nails
00:25 Struggles of eating sushi and pizza
00:53 It’s dangerous to wear lenses
01:02 Putting a makeup
01:14 Hard to close zip with long nails
01:27 Hard to type on the keyboard with long nails
01:44 Need too much nail polish
02:05 Boyfriend always ask you to scratch him
02:15 It’s easy to break the nail
02:38 Hard to tie your shoes
02:50 Toilet struggles

So…. What is your choice – long nails or not long nails? =)

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Why did I got this recommended and why the fuck would you girls want to have those nails if it's so hard for your daily life?? Like wtf

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