Why Do Men Cheat?

Steve Harvey tackles the age-old question.

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I don't care what you do are how much a man love you he will still CHEAT and cry when he get busted and turn around and do it again and when a man move on and do better get his his life together his X's is going to do everything they can to destroy his happy home and the weak ass fall for it I will never give a cheater a second time to hurt me ever again. SNAKES don't change they just shead.

  2. Lol. You know, I just stumbled across this.

    If you are doing what makes your woman happy they'll stick with you? Really? What woman is that. I have two friends who were married 25 years plus. They busted their ass doing everything a man is supposed to do. Worked, took care of the house, provided, and after all those years, these bitches just got up and left. Each one just ran off with somebody "new". One of these females tried to clean her husband out financially! Said she's "entitled to it by marriage". Almost every woman I been with just wanted to complain, bitch & moan. My ex- fiance I never married after she pulled a cheating stunt that goes above and beyond. (I'll spare you the details). And I was married almost two years to another one, who couldn't take the fact that as a man of strength and discipline, I wasn't gonna take any crap from her youngest, spoiled, daughter. (My step daughter by marriage). Both these bitches got pregnant by other men while I was with them! By the grace of God, none of these kids were mine and I was able to get away from these cunts scott free! (Not to mention disease free). But the lesson has been learned, and I am now happily divorced, single, liv'in life and ain't got time for a fuck'in bitch anymore!

    So I don't know what the hell Steve Harvey is talk'in about. What makes him such an authority on this anyway! Does he have a PHD in human behavior? Is he some kind of psychiatrist or therapist or something?

    Look, Steve Harvey is lucky. He has a woman (wife) that is devoted to him. That's what makes a successful marriage, or relationship. Not all guys are that lucky, and Steve Harvey tends to blame the men for this! Not these bitches! He has said that "Men need to grow up", or "Men need to release themselves from their mama's apron strings." "Why you still home liv'in wit yo mama." Have you seen these rents out hur Stevie? Not every man can afford to live in the house you got man! I got me a three bedroom house and these bitches still complained and complained. You can't satisfy them for nutt'in! And I'm through trying!

    So don't talk to me about men don't try hard enough! Everybody talks about men but these freak'in bitches do it just as much. And for you to answer the guy who asked " What can I do to keep my wife from cheating" and you said. "Well, he probably ain't tak'in care of business at home." That's your assumption! And it fits with what I just said. It must be the male. You are such an Ass Kisser of these females out here. It makes me sick!

    My advice to my fellow man. Stand your ground. Keep your self respect. Any sign of any nonsense from her, just get out. Get out of it!

    Love and respect yourself, and kick any bitch to the curb that can't do that.

  3. I listened to a female psychiatrist, she was a guest on some Merican TV show and the topic was cheating. All the dumb bitches in a studio were waiting for her to say that "men are cheaters" or "men cheat more"… guess what? She told them that after 20 years of her practice she concluded that women cheat twice as much as men! Studio went silent! There is a video here on YT, I don't know the title. Psychiatrist was a black woman in here late forties probably.

  4. It's funny how the same ones who think it's a big joke and cheat on a regular basis are crying like babies and threatening suicide when she turns the table. Witnessed it too many times.

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  6. Uncle Steve you been dun sold out auntie Maybelline. Is u ain't know nam better you ain't gone to the family reunion. Think like a man o pg13 sell out. Oo mr Smith side holter two phone looking. Imma Kevin hart and Eddie Murphy bounce u out the club. We is the shit when we can u ain't got it no mo gone try. Coulda thunk u took some dumb speech class. Trying know nam better. U is nigga dum eating crab bisk over sauuuce and chitlins. From the soujour morning sho

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  8. powerless men can not cheat on good women just like cerisue cheated on me for no reason at all just because I'm powerless you don't cheat on men who's powerless I know that Steve Harvey has a beautiful wife

  9. The woman that asked the question, "How do you know if your man is cheating, the obvious answers, he changes the way he dresses, (he wears 3 piece suits), changes his brand cologne, takes phone calls in the bathroom, whispers during his calls, changes his daily routines, all of sudden works out at the gym, and he hasn't been there for years,( he's trying to get in shape for another woman), he turns his phone off for hours, (he's with his sidechick), he doesn't want to be disturbed, they're in bed together, his personality switches up,(he might get short tempered) with you, and the most obvious, he stays out super late, and doesn't come home for hours, them come home smelling like another woman's perfume, or whatever scent he has on his body.

  10. "Once a cheater always a cheater" not for many as Steve said people learn from their mistakes. Could the same be said "once a man hit a female,it won't the last time? Once a man put his hands on you the 1st time he will continue to use the female as a punching bag unless she gathers courage & fight him back win or lose. #fightback

  11. Men are not the only one said she'd both sexes men and women like the new excitement of the relationship they get tired of the same old person and that new person supplies them with this new excitement so let's not sugarcoat it and we need to explain about some of these women out there worked in a salon for many years and Heard lots of stories from women and their affairs. One cannot cheat without the other remember that they cannot do this alone so therefore cheating and Affairs will continue. And I also know that people no from within if they are going to cheat or not I don't think it happens accidentally either you make that decision whether you are or not when you get married you just know yourself and cheaters know their self and they know they will do it cluding men and women

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