#VEVOCertified, Pt 6: Party In The USA (Miley Commentary)

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Music video by Miley Cyrus performing #VEVOCertified, Pt 6: Party In The USA (Miley Commentary. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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  2. I love the Party In The USA Miley, I love the the commentary Miley, I love the War is Not Over Miley. I've loved her through all her phases and I'm so happy and proud of the person she is today. Beautiful soul. ❤️ #truesmiler

  3. Nunca entenderé como paso de Party in the USA A Grecking ball.
    Era realmente bella como era antes en mi opinión ="c al parecer el tiempo la cambio y se convirtió en eso que conocemos ahora no le queda ese estilo pero bueno da igual es su gusto personal y respeto eso. xd

  4. I think people should stop saying Miley is this horrible person. Like people change. She cut her hair? Yeah? She's still beautiful. She started having more "adultish" music videos? Yeah? She grew up. We all change. This was hers.

  5. MileyCyrusVevo Don't You Miss Being Like That In That Old Video It Was A Classic Yes But You Should Think About Your Fans What They Want To See Like The Kids That Look Up To You Can't You Go Back To Being Yourself

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