BEST OF THE WEEK – Out Of This World

This week we really got the best of the best for y’all. Some of these stunts are out of this world. We got insane base jumpers, a pet owl showing us why the claw is the law, my personal favorite some super dope frisbee catches. So take a break from turning up and tune in to the Best Of The Week. Enjoy!!

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Your constant need to block the last vid with your bullshit gets you an unsubcribe. You have 2.1 m subscribers, there is absolutely no need to advertise your other fucking videos by blocking the last one.

  2. I’m sorry I’ve made this comment many times, but could people learn to use their camera in portrait mode so we can see all of the action ? So many features were lost when the videos had their videos sides cut off.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE fix the intro music so it doesn't deafen us each time we watch your videos. It's the only aspect that's off putting. I love these videos but the intro is so loud I can't watch them without startling awake people and pets in the house!

  4. 0:38 looks like he didnt even inspect his parachute. It was so full of dust. who knows what else couldve been in there. sharp tiny rocks that wouldve slit your parachute right open when you pull the cord.

  5. Did someone working for this channel become a mom/dad lately? The inflation of 'funny' babies and toddlers doing 'funny' shit just really, really, really isn't that interesting as it seems you know..

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