Best Classic Country Songs Of 50s 60s – Top 100 Golden Oldies Country Songs Of 50s 60s

Best Classic Country Songs Of 50s 60s – Top 100 Golden Oldies Country Songs Of 50s 60s
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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Country is as country does. Country pop is not country, country music was never concerned with crossing over genres. It was pure. It was its own sound.

  2. While driving through the country I see remnants of old houses , cars , buildings, trains , etc . It reminds me of a lost era . Then the music plays in my mind and brings me back to 1950’s , and all those lost loves ….

  3. There's a country song I heard that I just can't find. I know only a line of lyrics, classic country if I were to guess. It has the lyrics "just let him rise just let him rise" and "boys just let him rise". Something along those lines… Anybody know which song it is? The radio station didn't say the name of the song nor do they have a website to look up the recently played song -.- it was just a guy singing this. All of my Google results show me gospel music which of course isn't it

  4. if u are listening to this music I admire ur music taste and damn I know my grand daughters and grands ons will also listen to this extraordinary piece of musicc. Ths is real song

  5. Where is this kind of music today? I'm not saying that a few of today's artists don't have talent.. BUT they don't compare to the originals.. I doubt any of today's could pull off any of these songs!

  6. I’m only 11 years old I know that that this is real country my grandpa showed me all these songs now days the songs they try to pass off as country are not country at all!

  7. I listen to this wen i go on long strolls on the fields or when i play Fallout new vegas, It pleases mah soul to hear these classics especialy when every song that comes from my generation is a heap of worthless trash.

  8. 50-60s country not my fair back then but it’s getting very hard to find music where the voice is great and the point is beautiful not just how loud and vocabulary that a ten yr old would find embarrassing

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