Are Japanese Girls Into Western Guys? | ASIAN BOSS

Do Japanese women like foreign men? How are they perceived by Japanese women? Would they ever date or marry one? We hit the streets of Osaka and Tokyo to find out.

The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Japanese population.

Special thanks to our Asian Boss team in Tokyo and Osaka.

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  1. Me personally I like Japanese women they tend to have more respect for themselves as well as the men they are with. Western women over here will smack the day lights out of you and cheat on you because of something that happened a year ago call the cops and say it's your fault somehow. I like Japanese women they are beautiful they have more respect and I absolutely love there culture. Also the part about speaking Japanese I can totally respect that if your a Foreigner you definitely should learn the language of the land you're living in or visiting especially if your spouse speaks it. If a Japanese girl came to America and couldn't speak English to me that would not be a make or break for dating especially if she's interested in me I would still date her. of course we would have to translate what each other are saying but I would not count that person out because they don't speak my language I guess I'm just a different type of person.

  2. Does that cutie Kei need a date or something? They always have him reporting in sexually ackward situations. And I thought he was mixed…not white…

  3. 5:18 there ya go. Many of these girls won’t date you because they can’t speak English. My friend dated a Japanese girl who couldn’t speak English for a month, but communication was hard so they broke up.

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