This Twitter Account Shames Absurd Technology (40 Pics)

Modern technology, while useful, has been somewhat of a disappointment to those of us of a certain generation. I mean, it’s nice to have access to the sum of human knowledge at my fingertips – as well as order a pizza or a ride whenever I need it – but where is my hoverboard? My flying car?

And while technology can be harnessed to solve the world’s most pressing and complex issues – clean energy, mitigating poverty and inequality, curing diseases; just to name a few –  we seem to spend an awful lot of time on trying to make things ever more convenient for ourselves. Who cares if the planet is burning up outside if our homes can automatically adjust the temperature inside, using an app that cleverly measures our body temperature thus avoiding the need to laboriously stand up an walk over to the thermostat?

The Twitter account Internet of Sh*t recognizes our obsession with frivolous, useless and downright invasive technology and likes nothing better than to poke fun at it. Because nobody really wants a world where Facebook controls our money and reads our minds with “brain-machine interfaces,” do we? Perhaps we could focus a little more on say – an alternative to plastics and fossil fuels – and less on building a hyper-convenient, dystopian world of mind control, data harvesting and artificially intelligent fridges?

Scroll down to check out some of the “Internet of Sh*t” for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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