DIY: Powerfull Mini Drill with Router Base

Dremel with 550rs motor and small stand for some routing jobs:
550 motor:
Drill chuck:
Speed controler:
Power jack :

Multi charger:

-I used a 550rs high torque motor, 12 volts its more than enough, this dc motor is powerfull with a lot of torque, variable speed
-Can use the same size 555 motor, or others like the 775 or 895 with 5mm shaft.
-Simple and easy, can use all the dremel bits and even more, compatible with other rotary tool bits
– Use a power supply with a good amount of amps.

-4:10 Homemade dremel drum sanders:

Free music copyright list:
[No Copyright Music] Roc – D4J
Clarx – Zig Zag [NCS Release]

(DC 4.5V To DC 35V 5A 90W Mini DC Motor PWM Speed Controller Module Speed Regulator Adjustable Electronic Switch Module Board
0.3-4mm Micro Motor Drill Chuck Clamp With Key and 1/8 Inch Shaft Connecting Rod
DC 12-36V Lathe Press 555 Motor With Miniature Hand Drill Chuck and Mounting Bracket)
Homemade Workshop tool, how to make an high speed wood working jig and metal tool/ plunge router/ precision micro drill grinder, Cutting Machine and Sander Machine, mini furadeira / retifica caseira

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  1. Очки и перчатки надо отдавать тогда когда серьезно работа Ане когда малинка это баловство

  2. Yehi mini drill machine Mujhe Aap Bana k de Sakte ho Kya Bhi plz Mai Mala Banane ka Kam krta Hu Mrar Mala me chhed krte samay sahi dhang se chhed nhi ho Pata… kripa krk Aap mujhe apna mobile number dijiy

  3. How do I make a wood working router? Do I just get a drill chuck and attach the router bit? Will it be powerful to do normal routing? I'm planning to do a drill screwdriver router combo

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