DIY How to make soy candles with GB 464

Easy DIY how to make soy candles.
We go over everything you will need to make all soy candles, from the wax to the jars and wicks and the temperatures you should be watching for.
Wax – GB464
Jars – 8oz Jelly jar
Wick – HTP104
Fragrance oil – Cinnamon Buns

Supplies –
Wood wicks –

If you have any questions please leave a comment or feel free to contact me at anytime. I am more than happy to help in any way that I can.

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  1. Out of all the parasoy waxes you have used this far, which one seems to give off the best hot throw in your trials? I would like to use straight soy wax but they seem to melt a bit while out at farmers markets in the southern heat. The parasoy was a good compromise for me.

  2. I have learned a lot from your videos, Thank you so much!!! I have search online about how to make my soy (464 )candles scent throw more, I tried like you did in a lower temp, it did work but I'm looking for a big area. So, I found this two names Vybar 260 and Bipol-x. Vybar is like the stearic acid, and It helps to the candle with scent throw and frizzing, etc. I have not reached out yet about the Bipol X. Do you think you can check on it? I would like to know if I add any of this additives, then the candle will not be 100% organic any more? it will be toxic just like paraffin.? I found the Vypar 260 SDS in pdf, i don;t think I can upload it in here, but you can see it on I hope you can check on this, and perhaps do some tests, any comments or advice will be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi!! Thank you for your awesome video! I want to have a candle making party with a my girlfriends. I know your measurements are for six 8 ounces containers to save time and for efficiency. However, I wanted to break it down is there anyway you can help with this process. I wanted my friends to have their own melting and mixing experience. Based on my calculations I would need .15kg of soy wax for each 8 ounce container. I would need .25 ounces of fragrance oil for each 8 ounce container. Is this correct?

  4. Thank you for your videos, they have been very informative! We are having a wicking issue with the jars we just bought. We are using the GB 464 wax in same straight sided jars that you have. We have found some inconsistencies that aren't making sense according to the wick guides we have looked at. We have 3 jars with an ECO 10, CD 10 and CD 12. The CD 10 has a large mushroom and a larger melt pool than the other two. This is not making sense since the other 2 have not mushroomed, especially the CD 12. Do you have any suggestions on which one to use. I almost feel like the manufacturer got the wick sizes mixed up. Thank you

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