America's Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 6 | Got Talent Global

Check out the best and worst auditions from week 6 on America’s Got Talent 2019!

Including performances by:

Robert Finley
Luke Islam
Master Gonzo
Chris Kläfford
Mysterion and Steffi Kay
Mi Manera
Kara with a K

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. where is the judges comments for the old guy.? Absoute rubbish and anticlimax without judges comments.If u cant post with judges comments then pls dont post.

  2. I like watching agt shows, performers here always convey such dedication, passion and inspiration! Loved the boy who dreams of Broadway, made me cry…

  3. they have people in on the trick. why is this even in the audition. the magic tricks in this one n even previous ones are fake…. wtf is wrong with u people voting for them

  4. 38:00 is so annoying because they both have mics and one of the lady's ears is always hidden. The dude always seems to have to see the image before she guesses… it just seems too obvious, unless I'm jumping to conclusions? If it really is that simple, They shouldn't have been given 3 yeses.

  5. That mind lady in red with that guy in the suit. I find it alittle weird he has to put the glasses on when he does his acts. he wore them in first one took them off and then put them on for second one and takes them off again. some sort of image transfer

  6. I´m really sorry buuutttt…. 39:08 this song needs I mean: NEEDS lots of strenght, pasion, love, powerful voice to sing it..!!!!
    Howie is totally RIGHT and with a lot of presision in his comment.
    This song is NOT ment to be sung like this… terrible…………………………………………………………….

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