A drunk mistook a comedian’s car for an Uber and got the ride of his life The Poke

When comedian, Mensah, was sitting waiting for a friend, a drunk man climbed into his car, mistaking it for the Uber he was expecting. As he was too far gone to look after himself, Mensah did the decent thing and drove the chap to his hotel, as the pair enjoyed a bit of a giggle and some music.

Mensah filmed sections of the exchange – taking a break to drive safely, obviously – and shared it on his Instagram.

There was a plot twist – the drunk, who turned out to have been called “Donny”, was alerted to what he’d done and had a little Skype conversation with his good Samaritan, making a lot more sense than the last time the pair had met and obviously buzzing at his new-found fame.

As Donny said,

“I was just pissed.”

As a little hat-tip to the experience, Mensah has added something to his Instagram.

Source: Instagram
H/T: Metro

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