Student Converts Step Van Into DIY Tiny Home ~ Full Tour

E038: I am so glad to be able to share my new home with all of you. I’ve been living in The Sylvan for a month now. It’s incredible the changes I have already noticed in my life. I spend more time in the wild and no time at all in rented basements.

Full Building Series:

Music: Happiness ~


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A special thank you to the following inspirations without whom, I would never have started any of this:
The Indie Projects:
Dylan Magaster:
Exploring Alternatives:
Seven Wanders the World:
Tiny House Giant Journey:
Living Big In A Tiny House:

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  1. Obviously moves because everything is strapped down. I have seen others that have all these Target like chuchkies all over the place…like they wouldn't fly all over the place while driving. Like the fabric on the cushions and curtains. Spend the $10 a month at Planet Fitness for a good place to shower. Very nice job there sir.

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