Single Girl Has Her First Time In The Sims 4 | Part 29

Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 29! Chelsea has officially passed on and the new matriarch is now Kasey! It’s Kasey’s turn to start having her 100 babies but how quickly can the family move on after their loss?
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Check out the rules for this challenge here:

Check out the rules for this challenge here:

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  1. Caleb: Hey…so…you don't know me but I'm in love with your sister.
    Kasey: Which one?
    Caleb: ……um…Natalie.
    Ghost Chelsea: My condolences.
    Caleb: 😐

  2. Casey Jr for a boy, Cassie for a girl.

    And please, if you have twins and ones a girl and ones a boy, please name them Marlin and Dory.

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