Madonna – Batuka (Official Music Video)

You’re watching the official music video for “Batuka” starring the Orquestra Batukadeiras with special thanks to Dino D’ Santiago.

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Directed by Emmanuel Adjei
Creative Direction by Imogen Snell
Production Companies: COMPULSORY & Dreamers
Executive Producers: Chris Toumazou, Mélodie Saba
Producer: Tom Birmingham
Service Producer: Margarida Adónis
Prod. Designer: Paulina Rzeszowska
Ass. Prod. Designer: Ruth Levy
Make-up: Isamaya Ffrench
Ass. Make-up: Porsche Poon
Styling for Madonna: Eyob Yohannes
Hair: Andy LeCompte
Costume designers: Bratsk
Choreographer: Megan Lawson
Ass. Choreographer: Nicolas Huchard
Service Company: Ready To Shoot
Editor, Colorist: Danny Tull, Tom Watson
Post Production: Mathematic Studio
VFX supervisor: Yann Aldabe
Flame artist: Michael Bianchi
VFX producer: Guillaume Marien
Post producer: Julia Kerguelen
Stills Photography: Riccardo Castano
1st. AD: Dilia Brito
2nd. AD: Vanessa Patricio
Project Manager: Paulo Guedes
Talent & Prod. Coordinator: Sara Brito
Prod. Secretary: Renata Amaro
Location Managers: Tiago Nogueira, Luis Santos, Joao Barata, Joao Correia
Local Stylist: Isabel Carmona
Local MUA & HD: Mery Pastore Camino, António Carreteiro
Local Art Director: Sebas Serra

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It’s a long way (it’s a long way)
It’s a long way (it’s a long way)
It’s a long day (it’s a long day)
It’s a long day (it’s a long day)
Lord have Mercy (Lord have Mercy)
Things have got to change (things have got to change)
There’s a storm ahead (there’s a storm ahead)
I hear the wind blowing (I hear the wind blowing)
Let me catch my breath (let me catch my breath)
Will we win this race? (Will we win this race?)
Swear the road is long (swear the road is long)
And the highway listens (and the highway listens)
‘Cause it’s a long way (’cause it’s a long way)
It’s a long way (it’s a long way)
‘Cause it’s a long day (’cause it’s a long day)
It’s a long day (it’s a long day)
I was up all night
I said a little prayer
Get that old man
Put him in a jail
Where he can’t stop us (where he can’t stop us)
Where he can’t hurt us (where he can’t hurt us)
We will stand tall (we will stand tall)
Underneath this tree (underneath this tree)
‘Cause it’s a
‘Cause it’s a long way (’cause it’s a long way)
It’s a long way (it’s a long way)
‘Cause it’s a long day (’cause it’s a long day)
It’s a long day
But when we can stop it all (but when we can stop it all)
In the right way (in the right way)
Will we stand together? (Will we stand together?)
It’s a new day (it’s a new day)
So don’t judge a human (so don’t judge a human)
‘Til you’re in their shoes (’til you’re in their shoes)
If you have a dream (if you have a dream)
Then you can’t stop us (then you can’t stop us)
Sing, “Hallelujah” (sing, “Hallelujah”)
Say, “Amen” (say, “Amen”)
Sing, “Hallelujah” (sing, “Hallelujah”)
And say, “Amen” (and say, “Amen”)
I say, “Oh, yeah” (I say, “Oh, yeah”)
I said, “Oh, yeah” (I said, “Oh, yeah”)
I say, “Amen” (I say, “Amen”)
I sing, “Hallelujah” (I sing, “Hallelujah”)
‘Cause it’s a long way (’cause it’s a long way)
It’s a long way (it’s a long way)
‘Cause it’s a long day (’cause it’s a long day)
It’s a long day

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Music video by Madonna performing Batuka. © 2019 Boy Toy, Inc., Exclusively licensed to Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. Exclusively licensed to Interscope Records

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Madonna Thank You For Sharing This To The World. You Have Such A Beautiful Heart. In These Days You Bring Light, Awareness and Hope. Thank You so much for all you contribute to our hearts and our minds. Beautiful Song With Powerful Message. XO J 💜💌😘💋

  2. This is the direction the album needed. She gets respect from the press and the fans will always support her, but she choose Maluma (Stupid guy with no talent and terrible singer).

  3. This is extremely interesting and new. It captures the essence of batuka musical message, and in a wider sense the powerful meaning of music creation, in a context of freedom deprivation.
    As music is freedom, these women used it as a tool for liberating themselves, through keeping their spirit, body and imagination alive in the dancing, playing, and singing. This is the inner core of music and it connects it with the wildest and most powerful forces of nature, as the video beautifully portrays. Amazing video. And a real, deep message in the song.
    A song from a western artist that finally blends with a different cultural tradition by respecting it and highlighting it, searching for a real connection with these women, their suffering, strength, growth and liberetion through the wings of music.
    May this journey continue, touching more artists, inspiring them and giving fruits of understanding, acceptance and cooperation, as well as of rebellion and fight for freedom, wherever and whenever it is necessary.

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