Love Island: Viewers brand show a FIX as Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames are saved by islanders again

Love Island viewers have branded the show a fix after a rule change saw Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames saved from the axe two weeks in a row.

Anna and Jordan were saved by their fellow islanders after a public voted landed them in the bottom two alongside Michael Griffiths and Francesca Allen.

But instead of the public having the final say on which pair were sent packing, the decision fell into the hands of their friends.

Sunday night’s dumping saw the newly-official Anna and Jordan fall into the bottom three for the second time, with the power being given to their fellow contestants instead of being dictated by viewers.

Love Island viewers are branding the show a “fix” after Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames were saved by their islanders

Many viewers believes it would have been pharmacist Anna and model Jordan on a flight home if the public had the say.

One took to Twitter to write: “Total FIX. NOT even the first time Anna & Jordan have been in the bottom 2, if it was down to the Public vote would Michael & Francesca still be the one’s to leave? Feel so sorry for Francesca, she NEVER really got a proper chance to find that special connection.” [sic]

A second said: “This is doing my head in. Obviously everyone wants Anna to go! Why ask the public to vote when the islanders are getting the final say? If she makes it to the final then its clearly a fix. No one likes the b***h.” [sic]

A third vented: “Dumping was a fix becos producers know public would have voted out Anna and Jordan that’s why they left it to the islanders becos they knew they wouldn’t vote them out. Unfortunately Jordan is tied to Anna poor guy so… #AnnaandJordanout.” [sic]

Francesca Allen and Michael Griffiths were sent home instead
Francesca Allen and Michael Griffiths were sent home instead

Anna has been left baffled by the public's reaction to her
Anna has been left baffled by the public’s reaction to her

The claims come as viewers prepare to watch a baffled Anna air her confusion over the public backlash against her after landing herself in the bottom three alongside new boyfriend Jordan.

After Michael and Joanna were dumped from the island, Anna and Jordan were left at risk after receiving fewer votes than the other couples in the villa.

Reflecting on the dramatic recoupling on Monday’s show, Anna tells Jordan in the lounge: “This is the third time. How are we in the bottom three when we are the second strongest couple?” Jordan is equally as baffled, replying: “I don’t actually know.”

Jordan tries to reassure his girlfriend Anna
Jordan tries to reassure his girlfriend Anna

Reassuring his new girlfriend, Jordan adds: “Don’t worry yourself about what other people think.

“What is the point in letting it get us down? When we get out of here, we’re going to have fun!”

Jordan then says in the Beach Hut: “Of course, being in the bottom three isn’t nice. It does upset me but I’m not going to let it get me down.”

Love Island continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2.

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