Is this an advert for a housemate or a recruitment drive for a cult? The Poke

Finding housemates you get on with can be the difference between a dream life and a living nightmare, and one of the best ways to do this is by being upfront about what you want. Whoever wrote the advert spotted by Mollie Goodfellow had some very specific – and unusual – ideas about the ideal person to share their space; it’s a long read but well worth it.

Heaven forbid they should buy sandwiches or coffee every day.

There must be loads of people with experience of living “in a community in a countryside where money did not change hands”, right?

Nudity and body smells – a marriage made in Heaven, obviously.

You will mingle, or else!

Think for yourself – apart from when you’re doing all these things we’re telling you to do.

No science fans allowed.

That has to be a prank, right? RIGHT?

The good people of Twitter have been reacting to Mollie’s post, including Mollie herself.

Back to Mollie for the last word.


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