I Got A Boudoir Shoot To Overcome My Chronic Pain

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Special thanks to Michael Sasser from Boudoir by Sasser

and Vivian Tran Artistry
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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I suffer with endometriosis pain as well, but I didn't realise how much I identified with Lara's experience until I suddenly started crying during her photo reveal. Thank you for your courage in sharing this very empowering video!

  2. I’ve always loved her in videos, chronic pain is a terror, i’ve been chronically ill my life. but it’s inspiring to know i can work and have a decent quality of life in-spite of my body and mind. keep if lara, the spoonies love you!

  3. I love you videos and i really would love to meet you one day!!! You really inspired me , im in a difficult moment in my life and you made me see that is ok to feel bad but is possible to love yourself and go up. Thanks for your videos. I'm a photographer and i love these pictures !!!! I hope the best for you.

  4. I've always wanted to do one of these but I just can't afford it. I'm so happy for you though. I've followed your journey for a while and you've come SO far. Sending all the love and support.

  5. As a fellow photographer myself I am really happy to see how peaceful and respectful Michael is working with you. There is this misconception about boudoir photography that all the guys shooting it are complete perverts, but with your story and the way he's giving you directions and everything this feels very, very comfortable. I'm happy you had this experience and as a photographer I'm still blessed that me and my colleagues all over the world are able to share these types of special moments with people. We actually make a difference for people and that is something I love about my job.

  6. I loved this more than anything. I wish I had enough confidence to do something like that. I have a rare skin condition called HS. I have scars and cysts on my body. Personal areas, arm pits, thighs, and under my boobs. You’re right, it’s hard… it’s embarrassing. And it’s not something that’s talked about enough. You’re a brave women and this was so so empowering. Sending you love!

  7. Hugs, Lara. You're a beautiful soul and your strength is wonderful to see. I also suffer from a chronic illness, and you're so right about the mental part. You look great, and more importantly you did it for you.

  8. So proud of Lara! So beautiful and that red was fire on you ! As a woman who suffers from chronic part partly due to gynecological issues I totally get it . You rock Lara 💕💕

  9. I am so happy and proud of you! Accepting who you are, body and all, is such a struggle for so many and that includes myself. Seeing things like this where you do things that empower yourself and make you feel special and sexy inspires me and so many others. You are so beautiful and I am so happy and excited for you and your new-found acceptance of yourself.

  10. you look so good, absolutely stunning girl!
    im sorry that you have to deal with chronic pain i hope you find something to help with it. good luck ♥️ you KILLED this shoot though!!

  11. Disclaimer: I am so proud of Laura for getting to this point in her story where she can truly feel sexy and the thoughts I'm about to express aren't in a negative thing towards her or this video but to try and find confidence with other viewers. Watching this I kept having that terrible thought in the back of my mind to fall into the dangerous and repetitive actions of bulimia. She is so thin and beautiful but that doesn't mean that those thoughts are valid and a real option and anyone else going through this know that you can get past those thoughts and that even if they seep into your mind they are just thoughts and we have to decide and make sure they don't become our actions. And thank you for letting me articulate these more positive and beneficial thoughts in a place I feel safe.

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