GIANT DIY Sound Panels For Better Audio and Lighting!

These DIY sound panels/blankets will stop echo and reverb from effecting your audio. They are an easy way to get some acoustic treatment in your studio and they can be used for lighting! You can find all the parts used below including this Impact rolling stand:

This is the second video in a series I’m doing on our new studio. Watch all the new studio videos here!


– Rolling Stand on B&H:
– Sound Blankets (Producer’s Choice):
– Kupo Adapter on B&H:
– 1/2 Course Thread Bolt (1-1/2 inch long)
– 1/2 Course Thread Washer (2 inches wide)
– Eye Screws (I used #6 1-15/16 inch eye screws)
– 6 foot board (I use a red oak 6’ x 4” x 1” board)

Stay tuned for more videos on the new space!


Some of these links have an affiliate code, if you purchase gear with these links I will receive a small commission.

This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers.
B&H did supply us with some stands and grip gear to make this series possible.

The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Can you review cheap shotgun microphones? There are cardioid and directional versions produced by Neewer, VidPro, Boya etc. They are all available on B&H or Amazon and cost between $20 and $80. Some of us don't really have the budget for Rodes and Deities, but these could be pretty good for amateur filmmakers and Youtubers. Just consider it, please. 🙂

  2. Love the new studio! A little criticism on your tests though…
    6:54 – black blanket for negative fill vs no blanket.
    7:13 – white blanket for fill vs no blanket.

    The first shot looks like "no blanket" already has fill from the wall… Second shot looks like "no blanket" is the "negative fill shot." This is extremely contradicting and not a very scientific test. My initial gut feeling made me want to hit the thumbs down and unsubscribe (but I didn't) because it reminded me of the poor quality control and product bias utilized by the fstoppers youtube channel. My thoughts are that the fill and no fill shots were not conducted with the same lighting setup and it wasn't realized until editing, so corners were cut instead of re-shooting.

  3. Nice setup for controlling sound and light at the same time. Your attention to sound quality is immediately apparent in your videos. They are a pleasure to listen to and watch. Good stuff!

  4. You might as well go ahead and paint the crosspiece to get rid of the DIY look. A coat of spar varnish under the paint would lock out humidity. A second piece of oak 90 degrees to the first would take care of any possibility of droop long term.

  5. I may be totally wrong here but to my untrained eye it looks like at 6:55 you're comparing black to white instead of black to none. In the next shot no blanket looks drastically different than the previous shot with no blanket. I don't know if that was a change in settings or if I'm missing something but can someone explain why having no blanket the lighting changes so drastically between those two shots?

    After having looked at it more it seems to me that it's just a difference in exposure to better show off the differences. Again I could be very wrong in this and if anyone would like to correct me please do.

  6. This video was a HUGE help for my really small studio I have planned. So I have this large window, and I was wondering if I could achieve results by using the sound blankets on a double-layered curtain rack?

  7. @DSLR Video Shooter / Caleb. What lav mike is that? I looked on and nothing. I thought the audio in the new studio sounded great and thought there must be a shotgun and the new sound blankets behind it because the drop ceiling style places can be awful. Nope, lav mike but I couldn't find which one you are using.

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