Diane von Furstenberg dishes out dating advice

Diane von Furstenberg is dishing out some invaluable dating advice to New York women, “It is not cute to be needy and chase after a man. The man should be chasing you.”

The fashion designer discussed how to be single in the city — often said to have a shortage of men— as she lent her flagship Manhattan boutique to shoe designer Chloe Gosselin for a CG pop-up shop.

Von Furstenberg, who has been married to business mogul Barry Diller since 2001, said, “I don’t know if there is a shortage of men in New York. I am not looking anymore. The question is, are you having fun? That is all that matters. Then you meet the right one, so just have fun. Getting married is not the goal — the most important relationship you have in life is with yourself. Once you have that, every other relationship is a plus and not a must. It is not cute to be needy and chase after a man. The man should be chasing you.”

As a successful businesswoman, she also added some extra advice to women about achieving their life goals, “I love being a woman … But I wanted to have a man’s life in a woman’s body, and I did that very early on. I want every woman to have that,” she told Page Six.

Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller
Diane von Furstenberg and Barry DillerGetty Images

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