6 Unbelievable DIY Projects You Can Do at Home

6 Unbelievable DIY Projects You Can Do at Home

In today’s video I want to show you compilation of 6 my favourite creations.

#1 0:00 How to Build Creative Labyrinth for Rat

#2 2:48 Smart Girl Shows How to Build Candy Dispenser

#3 4:52 How to Make Flipbook Animation Machine at Home

#4 6:57 How to Build Coca Cola Spy Gun

#5 10:04 How To Build Basketball Board Game for 2 Players

#6 12:41 How to Make Powerful Hydraulic Press

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I love ur vids and how creative u r. And I REALLY want to do these but I don’t have the materials, memory, or attention span. Also I wanna know where u get these ideas because these r awesome. Keep up the great work and great content

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