Tricked by the fake Obama video? Deepfake technology, explained | USA TODAY

Deepfakes are video manipulations that can make people say or do seemingly strange things. Barack Obama and Nicolas Cage have been featured in these kinds of videos. Although they might get some laughs on the internet, they also have security experts worried. #deepfake #ObamaDeepfake #ScarlettJohansson

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. A normal public crew of engineer students made this and you guys think the government is just now learning about it?

    Guys, this program, and a better one at that, has been in use for a very very long time.
    Why in God's name, would the government allow the public to receive technology on par with their own? No. They have it first.

    They use it, further develope it, advance it, and then give us the hand-me-downs. You shouldn't be worried now, you should've been worried a long time ago.

    These presidents could be dead and we would never even know it. Let's say Obama is ordered to say something he doesn't agree with…they don't need him to agree.

    Figure it out fellas.

  2. See the funny thing is that the defence agencies are finding ways to work out which are fake. That automatically places control in their hands. They get to choose which fakes will be made known. It’s a double edged sword.

  3. Better get in early and try and convince people that the disgusting video's that will be released of Obama committing heinous are fake. Not gonna work.

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