Love Island’s Francesca Allen praised for giving ‘best recoupling speech ever’ as she picks Michael Griffiths after having ‘no choice’

Love Island’s Francesca Allen was the last girl to pick a guy to couple up with at the fire pit, leaving her no option but to pick Michael Griffiths.

Francesca gave a witty and hilarious speech in which she told Michael that she had “no choice” but to pick him.

Speaking to Michael at the fire pit, Francesca said: “Well, what can I say, you would all probably go hungry if it wasn’t for this man here making you all cheese toasties.

Love Island’s Francesca Allen has been praised for giving the ‘best recoupling speech ever’

“I’ve personally really struggled to find a connection in here, so you’re an expert so I’m hoping that you might be able to teach me a few things!”

The islanders burst into laughter at this comments, as did Michael who said: “That was good, I like that.”

She continued: “I think you’re a great person and I haven’t really got any other choice, so the boy I choose to couple up with is Michael.”

Michael laughed during Francesca's speech
Michael laughed during Francesca’s speech

Viewers have hailed the speech by the fashionista as the “best recoupling speech ever”.

One person wrote: “Francesca’s speech was everything “I haven’t really got a choice!” #LoveIsland.”

Another said: “Francesca really is the gift that keeps on giving. Having her acne scars on show; killer dress sense and that speech. Iconic. #loveisland.”

Amber struggled with her choice

Another said: “LoveIsland “Francesca just reached the recoupling hall of fame with that speech. #LoveIsland.”

A fourth wrote: “Best speech ever well done Francesca #LoveIsland.”

Michael was left disappointed when Amber chooses to couple up with new boy, Greg.

Greg and Michael
Michael was left disappointed when Amber chose to couple up with new boy, Greg

During the recoupling Amber said: “It’s been the hardest decision that I’ve had to make.

“I really don’t know what the right thing to do is. It’s hard, I’ve got one boy who I’ve got a history with.

“We’ve had ups and downs, but I can’t deny there’s a connection there.

“And I’ve got another guy that’s come in and put a smile back on my face when I’ve been miserable.”

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