HOW TO LOOK STYLISH: tips from a stylist

How-to look stylish! I’m going to give you 10 tips how-to instantly look stylish. These easy tips on how-to always be stylish are easy to incorporate into your everyday style and will help you look put together all the time. Share in the comments below what your tips are for how to look stylish!

Online Colour Analysis:

Online Personal shopping + one-on-one style advice:

Want to know how to take 6 pieces and turn into 12 outfits?

Have style questions you want to ask me?

How-to hide your tummy:
Why you have nothing to wear in your closet:

Spring shopping 2018:
How-to create a capsule wardrobe:
Spring capsule wardrobe:
2018 Spring Trends:
Wardrobe basics:
10 ways to look expensive:
How-to find your perfect jean:

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  1. Great video Christie. So many great tips within this post. Going to try the monochramatic look this week.
    Q. Can you please show us some examples of "balance" fails vs. wins?

  2. Hello Christie, I have had a wonderful time watching you and your fabulous videos. My last 2 years have been a fashion rollercoaster ride – I am a post-surgical patient after a car accident (both legs) and by-Pass to allow me the pleasure of WALKING . I transformed from 316 lbs. to 135 lbs. and no longer a wheelchair candidate. With this liberation came MANY confusions least of which is ' what does one wear?' You have been a great help – but I have watched you on TV so accept my apologies but I am trying to sign up on older videos. '! hope better late than never!' applies! , I am most impressed with your Toronto/Burlington association. I am located in Midland, Ontario. I am a 68 year old redhead – so please keep up the great work Female Entrepreneur!

  3. Hi thank you. Love these tips. Can you tell me where you got the white throw pillows in the back ground? I've been looking for pillows just like them.

  4. Tip if you feel that lipstick is to much try to find sheer ones or liptint also there are a beautiful lipbalm ish product from clinique in several colours with spf for summer or if ou want to do a hella dramatic eye which ive used both for lips,eyes and cheeks ( good across skintones and by that I mean across not only if you are white but not too white and pinkfaced =)

  5. My biggest problem is applying these concepts when I'm shopping. Maybe the Dillards where I live has crap in it, but I can't seem to find anything to buy that matches anything like what you are describing in concept.

  6. Could you do a video on how to wash things and how often – what do you re wear before washing how often? Bras I use a bra bag and very gentle soap…..would love to know how you do things ❤️love all your videos. Thank you Christie for sharing.

  7. Your lipstick is gorgeous! Can you share the brand/color please! Are you wearing lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss? I have to know! Thanks for the great advice on perfecting my look!

  8. I love all your tips. I struggle to find things that look right on me, wish I had a personal stylist. I guess I really just don't know my body shape, I believe it is straight because my hips and bust are similar in size and my waist isn't extra tiny/curvy. Thanks again for all your tips. I haven't followed you on Instagram yet, just don't use it often, I think I will do that now. I wanna try and post to Instagram more often but again I'm not very good at taking selfies and editing. Anyway, enough babbling. Take care!

  9. I have a question: Just found this channel and I loved it! I have 2 questions if you have time to answer them. First, I am only 5"2' and I have had a very bad ankle for years. I cannot under any circumstances wear high heels, so no matter what I am wearing I feel frumpy. Also, I live in extreme south Florida, the humidity capital of the world. I would love to layer, but it is so hard.

  10. Hi Christie I really enjoyed this video and have lots of great ideas now so thank you ! I wanted to know if you have made a video about how to avoid looking frumpy and if so where I can find it. I've become such a frump in the past year since gaining weight and I'd love to step away from the comfy shoes and loose fitting everything without feeling self conscious about the excess weight <3

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