Guy’s Plan To Propose Fails When He Gets Distracted By A Naked Homeless Man And Crashes His Car

If you’ve ever watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette or even gone on social media you know that popping the question to your significant other has become an elaborate extravaganza. Many people dream of this day and have an image of how it will go down, complete with a romantic destination and photographer – but as we all know not everything in life goes according to plan.

In the Reddit group /r/TIFU! “Today I Fu*ked Up”, someone shared the story of their “dreamy” proposal plan, that turned into, well, an absolute disaster. One of those stories that the couple might laugh about in the future, this series of unfortunate events is hilariously bad.

Someone in the Reddit group /r/TIFU! shared their hilariously horrible engagement plan story

Where everything they planned turned disasterously wrong

People in the comments couldn’t believe the wild story but tried to give the OP hope

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