Every taxi driver should have a conversation menu like this The Poke

When Redditor That1Girrl summoned an Uber, she could reasonably have expected to be dragged into unwanted conversation Hell, being quizzed on her holiday plans, her political opinions, or whatever TV show is all the rage in Fairbanks, Alaska. Instead, she was pleasantly surprised to see there were passenger-driven options:

Reddit users were there for the menu idea, especially the silent option.

There was speculation on the content of The Informative Ride.

Ditto the Simon and Garfunkel.

That1Girrl added some more information about her considerate driver.

The driver was an elderly man with a BEYOND immaculate car. It was clear he took his job seriously and wanted everyone to have a pleasant ride. 10/10 wholesome.

The driver has given permission to reveal his name. It’s Jeffrey, and he’s a Vietnam vet. Driving helps fund his retirement. If you find yourself in Fairbanks, try to catch a ride from him, and ask him about his famous “monkey story.”

And, in case you were curious, this is what she chose.

If you live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and don’t want to find out about Jeffrey’s monkey, what is even the point of you? This person knows –

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