DIY Epoxy Dining Table Build—Part Two of Two—How to Woodworking

Part two of my how-to video showing how you can make a large epoxy and wood dining table in your home shop.


Links to items used in this build:
Festool sander:
Festool Vac:
Ecopoxy Epoxy:
Steel legs for this table :
Wood for this table:
Epoxy dye:
Track Saw:

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Love your video(s) I am just starting out and was in need of some guidance – i'm doing much smaller projects but will follow most of your steps… Thanks for making these videos!!

  2. Great video! For filling those really small gaps and pinholes you might take a tip from guitar builders and use tinted super glue. You can drop-fill using pipetts, it dries fast and scrapes / sands easily. sells super glues in various viscosities and drying times as well as dyes that work with it.

  3. Hey amazing craftsmanship you can see that you love doing what you do! Would you be able to produce a video on how you go about calculating the amount of resin required for each table and possibly list a few alternatives to ecopoxy (and any experience you may have had with them). Thanks!!

  4. I'm really surprised that the industrial wood shop was willing to plane or sand that top. Most people won't allow glues or epoxies in planers or sanders, it causes too much wear and makes a mess.

  5. eh so how much did you sell it for? how much did you make total after supplies and services for the planing and final satin finish etc?

  6. First and foremost, PHENOMENAL job on creating the table! Never ever seen it done before. Second, you did a spectacular job creating the video. Now I know how those magnificent tables are made! Now I want one!

  7. Yeah …. congrats on the PLASTIC TABLE … I will never get why people would want this …
    And then those morons who PAY LOAAADS of cash for SCRAP WOOD and a little bit of plastic …
    I mean yeah it looks decent but … I would not want a plastic table …

  8. Nicest slab, epoxy table I have ever seen. I also must admit I do care for the way you orate and present your video sir. Not over the top yet informative and easy to listen to. I will be subscribing. Thank you.

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