Britain's Got Talent 2017 Sarah Ikumu Singer Full Audition S11E01


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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Everytime I need to hear a great song I listen to this song and a tears comes to my eyes. I just love her voice I don't ever think I will get tired of hearing her!

  2. I am Apostle Gibson Ikumu fou Der WORLDWIDE EVANGELICAL REDEEMED GOSPEL MINISTRY and a composer and I truly sing, from Western Kenya. I won't be surprised if she originated from here and same family tree to me.

  3. Lo mas perfecto que he escuchado en boca de una criatura de 15 anos. Dios te dio el don q los humanos no comprenden. No decaigas eres una elegida

  4. She’s young so she doesn’t know how to make something her own yet. She had a good voice but this is just really a basic song that doesn’t vocally require much.

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