BEST Answers EVER On Family Feud USA! Steve Harvey Asks.. Cheating Husband Questions!

Heres the BEST answers ever on Family feud! Steve Harvey asks… Cheating Husband questions…
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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. First, talk it out. If it is true, I will buy him or her a tons of handkerchiefs with his or her favorite love wordings or promises. But it ain't happen to me again becoz he tries to save me and my families. 😀

  2. Let's rewind back to 2:15. The question was "If I thought my man was cheating on me, I'd ___". She said "forgive him". The other answers were divorce,hurt, kill. The question said "THOUGHT". Husband didn't do a thing wrong, except in the womans mind. And these are the responses. Yall women need to chill.

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