AUDITION FAILS On AMERICAN IDOL | 5 More That Went Wrong! Idols Global

5 MORE Audition that went wrong! Auditions Fails on American Idol!

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. 4:15 eerrr what an ugly phoney character I thought it was about Jennifer then he walks of without saying by lol because she disagreed with his singing. Lol honestly that guy really pissed me of to begin with Jeniffer is absolutely beautiful the faggot dude doesn’t have to say it

  2. So many young people that looks old as fuck haha, maybe because i have a baby face. Wsup with so many mentally ill people. Where is this coming from ? Did their parents raise em like this ? Or did they do too much drugs or did they get dropped on their head or what ?

  3. I'm pretty sure the parents of these individuals are scared asf of them, so they encourage an tell them what they want to hear.. these ppl are horrible

  4. That ugly ass girl Ronetta or whatever talking shit about Paula when she didn’t even say nothing to her…. It was Simon and Randy who told her she sucked ass at singing 🤦‍♂️

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