Top 30 Amazing Kids Got Talent Auditions of All Time! Best Singing Dancing Magic AGT – BGT Worldwide

Top 30 Amazing Kids Got Talent Auditions of All Time! Best Singing Dancing Magic AGT – BGT Worldwide, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, All 30 incredible Kids Got Talent auditions including the most unbelievable Golden Buzzer performances, the world’s most amazing children performing many different types of spectacular performances on the worldwide got talent shows, many different types of acts from america’s got talent and britain’s got talent and australia’s got talent and norway’s got talent, the very best of all the got talent auditions from around the world, all the judges was amazed and gave standing ovations for the kids performing opera singing, magic tricks, formation dancing, dance group, acrobatics and many more performing arts, this video compilation is complete with judges reactions and the audience interaction with the child contestants, very emotional seeing little kids perform so beautifully especially with beautiful opera voice singers and cute little boy and girl dancers, all copyrights to Simon Cowell, Syco, Fremantlemedia got talent international, no copyright infringement intended, uploaded for 2019 family entertainment only, the got talent acts and performances are the best ever of all time most viewed global got talent videos taken from several of the greatest years of the best got talent tv show auditions ever, please checkout my youtube channel for many more great top 10 got talent videos with many Exciting Golden Buzzer Moments From 2017 and 2018, please like share and subscribe, #gottalent

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  1. I don't know what this particular style of dancing is called that Aiden Davis does, but even after all these years, this routine of his is still my favorite in this style (not break dancing).

  2. Howard: I think Shirley Temple is living inside you. "

    Heavenly Joy: " Well, not Shirley, JESUS! "

    I lost it. This child is a gift and her faith made me cry tears of joy.

  3. je suis chanteur amateur depuis des années et j'adore votre émission, tout le monde du spectacle et spectateur sont vraiment incroyable et très chaleureux………Je vous adore et Merci

  4. When a 9 year old skipped 5 grades and is playing a piano like Beethoven and your here barely passing to the next grade, getting suspended for being "disrespectful" towards teachers when really you were just trying to get a new pencil but the one you got was broken so you got back up to get a new one but your teacher said to sit back down and when you blink she thinks that your rolling your eyes at her when your not…….just me………ok🤐

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