Mabel – Know Me Better (Live) – Vevo @ The Great Escape 2016

Mabel – Know Me Better (Live) from Vevo at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, 2016.

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. She's unique! Gorgeous and talented, her style and voice are amazing I am a big fan….I hope this song makes it into an album. For people criticising her voice, go and listen to big stars like Beyonce and Rihanna and see how they sound live!

  2. Super enjoying this video by Mabel!  Never heard of this artist before but now that I've seen this I want to know a lot more.  Love that she has Mos Def on the track.  I love Mos Def he's one of my favorite rappers.  This song is a masterpiece.  Her voice is amazing.  This woman is the real deal.  Real talent and unique.  She is different from the rest.  I love it.  I have subscribed to this channel.  I am REAL ADVANTAGE PRODUCTIONS – POZ B.  feel free to check me out

  3. She's ok but you can hear she needs more live experience. Sometimes she was a touch out of key! I'll still be watching her cos there's not much out there today in the hiphop world and my life feels a little emptier without several good toons filling the airwaves😔 sad sod here!

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