Love Island’s Amber Gill takes a shine to newcomer Greg O’Shea after pair’s date – as Michael Griffiths admits he still has feelings for her

In a sneak peek of Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island, Amber Gill is seen taking a shine to Greg O’Shea following their successful date on the Hideaway terrace.

Speaking of his decision to choose Amber for a date, Greg says: “I just thought you deserved a date after all the drama that’s been happening. You deserve to be spoilt a bit.”

Amber replies: “It’s been hard. But I’ve come out the other end and I feel happier.”

Amber beams on her date with Greg

Amber is keen to know what Greg is looking for in a girl, with him telling her: “I’m looking for confidence. You’re obviously very confident.”

Amber later says: “I’ve never dated a rugby player before”, with him saying: “There is a first time for everything.”

Amber and Greg continue to get to know each other, but Amber wants to know whether Greg only has eyes for her or is interested in other girls in the villa.

Sparks flew on Amber and Greg's date
Sparks flew on Amber and Greg’s date

The Newcastle beauty asks him: “Is there anyone else you’re interested in, in the villa?”

The rugby player jokingly replies: “Anyone else? So, you’re saying I’m interested in you?”

Amber hits back: “You’ve picked us for a date, so I’d like to think so!”, to which he says: “Obviously, you were first choice.”

Greg and Amber go on a date
Greg and Amber go on a date

Amber and Greg return to the villa after the date ends and she fills some of her fellow Islanders in on their date, saying: “His accent is fabulous. And he can take the banter.”

Before the Islanders head to bed, Amber tells the girls how much of a good impression Greg made on her.

She says: “I’m telling you now, I haven’t liked one boy that has come in. That boy has got the luck of the Irish!”

Amber fills the islanders in on her date with Greg
Amber fills the islanders in on her date with Greg

According to The Sun Online, Michael will take Amber for a chat in a shocking U-turn and reveal how he really feels about her.

Michael will admit to being envious after Amber heads on a date with new boy Greg.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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