Lady Gaga – VEVO News: Lady Gaga Exclusive Interview Coming Soon!

VEVO News got an exclusive interview with Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. Full interview + Marry The Night coming soon! © 2011 Interscope

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Gaga is winning but still need our support !
    h t t p : // w w w .billboard. c o m/articles/columns/pop-shop/5650669/lady-gaga-katy-perry-the-perils-of-impossible-hype-opinion

  2. The thing I like about Gaga is that she's obviously well-learned in her trade. Being cultured doesn't make you more or less creative, it enhances your art. It's comparable to working in a theatre with the best actors and directors – having a big or small budget won't alter the delivery of the performance, it will, however, affect the overall scale of what you can put on. That's what I find makes Gaga further stand out in comparison to a lot of other popular singers and performance artists.

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