Kylie Jenner Fans Blast Her Copying Rihanna's Style

Kylie Jenner is facing major backlash for copying Rihanna. Kourtney Kardashian is slammed after crying about turning 40. Plus – Sofia Richie reacts to fans wanting Scott and Kourt getting back together.
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This week went pretty well for Taylor Swift (and her fans). On April 13, the singer, 29, started a cryptic countdown to April 26, which basically meant that every Swiftie on the planet was freaking out immensely over the past week. Ahead of Friday, though, Taylor was incredibly active on Instagram, sharing plenty of pastel pics that we now know were close-up shots from the music video for her lead single “ME!” Her strategic social media strategy and active postings are what earned her the title of Instagram Queen of the Week!’

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 Kylie Jenner Slammed For Copying Rihanna Style

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  1. Everyone gets upset about getting older she’s human and people dress similar all the time ! Why do y’all have so much negativity in your hearts to slam everyone about everything 😂 grow up

  2. Those women on “The View” are a collection of the most awful uneducated spoiled shits. The fact that the citizens of this country watch them or allow them airtime just says more about our country than those women

  3. Maybe she feels like shes 40 and realizes she hasnt done shit.Yes,Considering she has had access to opportunities and money to create whatever lane she wants.Disappointment in herself could be why shes crying.And yes Kylie copied Rhianna (a black woman)thats what this family does.They're running around now saying about Kylie what has been said about Jordyn for the last few months.Many of us have been saying how much of a glow up Jordyn has since shes not friends with Kylie and the Kardashians and how good it is for her.Well,The other day an article was released saying the same thing about Kylie now.Please these Jenners/Kardashians are something else.smh

  4. It's funny those hating on Kylie wearing a similar outfit as Rihanna, this happens every day. You get inspired by someone or something. What's wrong with this world today, so much hate.

  5. She can copy Robyn fenty all she wants to she’ll never pull it off the way Rihanna does it’s just not the same delivery…. copying black girls is their secret to success, admit it.

  6. "Hint: She don't got a man to spend her time on her birthday." Come on all the Kardashian& Jenner family like #KimKardashian West is happy wife to Kanye West and mother to her children's. #KylieJenner is happy mother with one child and has support boyfriend that she call her husband sometime #TravisScott So it hard for # KourtneyKardashian doesn't have lover like her other sister's to love her and children's and be supported in her life. #KourtneyKardashian 😢

  7. I exist Kylie is a billionaire Jenner and she can wear what she wants and Kylie is good lookin billionaire Jenner and I love you Kylie Billionaire Jenner and she’s the sexiest like Kourtney Kardashian

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