i wore 5 different clothing styles (for a week)

hey guys!

i’m so excited to upload another “outfits for a week” video! in this video, i tried a different clothing style every day, for a total of 5 different styles. I tried trendy and edgy, skater and edgy, basic and girly, soft grunge, and vsco and trendy. i tried to include as much variety as i could to make sure all styles that are popular right now were included. i based these outfits off of ideas from online, but most of these i came up with myself!

i shopped at places like brandy melville, urban outfitters, pacsun, thrifted, and princess polly! this week i went to vidicon, hungout with my boyfriend, saw a movie, and vlogged the whole time!

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  1. okay so i looked through all the comments and i didn't see anyone talk about the music at 4:29 probably bc no one came here for the music (i didn't either just noticed it) but if ya didn't know its called U-Rite by Rnyx and hint hint Rnyx is vanossgaming one of the greatest gaming channels out there 😉

  2. Honestly… my style is just legit a mixture of all of these… 😳

    Ngl I do that just so I don’t have a name for my style like… “VSCO girl” or “e-girl” etc. is this just me? 🤔(irrelevant but whatever 🙂 )

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