"I Like Tanning So I Can Get Brown Like Beyonce" | Toddlers & Tiaras

Allyson is very excited to wear her “Beyonce costume” at the Glamorous Beauties Pageant in Texas. Will her performance as the world famous recording artist be a hit?
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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Honestly the cutest girl on this show. Expresses her feelings appropriately without having a tantrum. I hope she grows up to love her own skin though I worry she’d become obsessed with tanning

  2. I hate how she’s such a brat saying “I don’t like the glueeee” and I’m like WELL TO BAD U NEED TO LOOK NICE BECAUSE WITH THOSE EYELASHES *COUGH* DAMN U LOOK BAD

  3. i don’t mean to bust her bubble but it’s kinda offensive to constantly say u wanna be black coming from a white person like who this lil girl think she is. a white grl from texas

  4. Ugh the mothers r so selfish! Like laci’s mom (laci’s mom- If u see my daughter u will go Gaga) and the other moms my daughter is a pageant princess she is the best Padgett princess! Ugh I hate those just act nice.

  5. She knows respect she says peach and brown not black or white ❤️ if she was my child I’d make her love her own skin color and not change it she can dress as Beyoncé she doesn’t have to be brown to do that

  6. She’s not spoiled or bratty she doesn’t like doing all this stuff to be “pretty” she’s taught that she needs to do all this stuff to be pretty.

  7. I feel bad. Like if your child doesn’t want to put on the the makeup then don’t force her. But it’s nice that she’s not spoiled like most pageant girls are.

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