Adam Boulton owned Mark Francois for a stupid comment about Brexit and it’s just glorious The Poke

When MP Mark Francois faced former international trade negotiator, David Henig on Sky News, presenter and journalist Adam Boulton acted as the chairperson. One line of discussion was around tariffs, with David henig explaining the consequences of the UK setting its tariffs at zero.

Henig: If we set them at zero, other countries will sa “We don’t need a trade agreement with you.” Major countries like Canada or Japan, where we want them to reduce their tariffs to our produce, will say “Well, we’ve got access to your market now. Why do we need to bother with this trade deal?”

For our car producers, 120,000 people or so work manufacturing our cars. They are going to be hit. Seventy per cent or something, a huge percentage of that production goes overseas.

Francois: It would be our choice.

Boulton: Yes I know but if it’s your choice to blow your head off, you don’t take it.

Francois: As a matter of fact Adam, I am not blowing my head off today, nor am I planning to.

It’s a very on-brand statement for the MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, who seems to have adopted a “Hold my beer!” policy when it comes to Brexit idiocy. Having failed to appreciate the scorn of Adam Boulton, he didn’t escape the scrutiny of Twitter.

Anti-Brexit campaigner, Cathie Wood, pointed out an important distinction between Adam Boulton’s analogy and the likely outcome of a no-deal Brexit.

H/T: The New European

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